In hubs we trust!

Today hubs returned to work after a week holiday. So after two against one, I was solo again.

I haven’t got out of my pyjamas today.

Wills is still poorly and we were up with him a few times in the night because his breathing was terrible! The fact that he is poorly is making him much more clingy than normal. In addition to this the cats are being little shits. They have seemingly decided that if it belongs to William they are going to sleep in/on it. So several times today I’ve tried to put Wills into his moses basket only to find a cat in it. Went upstairs to find Marms in his cot. So my day has mostly consisted of calming a crying infant and moving cats about. Captain has decided that Wills is okay, and as such curls up with him at every available opportunity. This has to be monitored as Captain likes licking faces and sticking his paws in mouths…

When hubs came home the washing up hasn’t been done, I STILL haven’t vacuumed and I hadn’t been to the shop to get cat food. But hubs greeted us with his usual cheery demeanour, made me a cuppa and fed a now hangry baby.

That man is a keeper. He’s never once asked me what I’ve been doing all day (clearly values his life), and didn’t comment about me still wearing what I went to bed in.

Wills has settled now, Marmite has been removed from the clean washing pile, then the moses basket and has gone back into the moses basket. (Stubborn little sod.)

I give up.

Wills will be put to bed soon, hubs and I will get an hour or so to ourselves and we’ll start again tomorrow.

Hopefully I’ll get dressed tomorrow.


Author: thebumpchroniclesblog

Thirty year old first time mum, sharing parenthood experiences/fails.

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