It’s not my turn to be ill.

I took William to the doctors today. It’s not nice being woken in the early hours because your infant is choking. Unfortunately there isn’t anything he can be given to help apart from time.

That’s fine, who needs sleep?

This morning I was treated to coughing in stereo. The deep barking of my husband and the slightly higher, teensy bit cute cough of my son.

Keep away germs, the bedroom floor is fast becoming indistinguishable from the wash(laundry) basket. Except, those pesky germs might have already found me. Unless I accidently swallowed a razor last night I’m quite sure I’m coming down with something. (Not ruling out the swallowing thing just yet.)

I don’t have time to be ill. My son isn’t quite self sufficient yet so it doesn’t matter how poorly I get, I can’t have a day off. I remember as a child my sisters and I all getting poorly around Christmas. (It doesn’t feel like Christmas to me until I’ve thrown up or can’t breathe through my nose.) My mum had enlisted the help of my nan to stop us killing each other whilst she went to work. I remember her getting back from the supermarket and throwing up in the sink as she was packing the shopping away, then carrying on! Making dinner, cleaning the sink and preparing for Christmas despite the fact she felt like arse! What a trooper!

When you have a baby, your body isn’t yours for nine months. It’s very nice to get it back, even if it’s slightly larger and saggier, than before. But I am no longer mine anymore, because I have a little chap so dependent on me, that for a fair few years,  it seems I will exist solely for his every need.

That’s bloody hard to get your head round sometimes. I can’t wallow in self pity. I can’t choose to stay in bed if I’m poorly, I have to get up and be a mum.

So probably time I find a lemsip and start putting tonight’s tea together.

In other news:

One of the cats left a mouse and a rat (deceased) on the living room carpet today. As the rat was in three pieces, we suspect Captain was responsible.

I shouldn’t have eaten so many chocolate digestives last night.

We think Wills might roll over soon!


Author: thebumpchroniclesblog

Thirty year old first time mum, sharing parenthood experiences/fails.

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