A weekend away.

We have just returned from a weekend away. ‘How lovely’ I hear you exclaim. Well yes, it was, really lovely but I have to say weekends away with a tiny human are tough.

The first issue to tackle: what to take. We needed to take EVERYTHING. Both hubs and I drive Ford Fiestas. We like them and they are perfect for our day to day commuting/shopping. There are not quite so perfect for weekends away.

We have a growing boy, I am continually surprised and alarmed at the rate in which he is growing. We have had to buy him a new car seat as he as outgrown his newborn one. This is a huge and frustrating contraption that takes up a lot of room. In order to adequately fit said seat in-line with various laws/safety regulations the passenger seat has to be pushed as far forward as it will go and tilted forward enough to leave an arm width between the two seats. Why this has to be so, I have no idea, but not being one to question rules and regulations I spent the entire journey feeling that in comparison to the space I had, economy plane seats are a roomy luxury! In addition to clothes and toiletries for myself and hubs we had to pack enough outfits for Wills factoring the number of times he chunders all over himself and needs changing. We needed bibs for him, two towels (incase he wees on one of them) nappies, wipes, baby toiletries, calpol, teething gel, baby thermometer, baby bath thermometer, bouncy chair, play mat, toys, baby carrier, bottles, bottle cleaning brush, bottle steriliser, perfect prep, formula, spare formula, nappy bags and blankets.

Not forgetting of course his lullaby night light, sleeping bag and monitor.  We made the executive decision not to take the pushchair as that in itself takes up the entire boot. (Trunk).The car was rammed. Hubs had utilised all his tetris skills to ensure no space was wasted.

We arrived at a beautiful, converted threshing barn. I was worried that William would be unsettled in new surroundings but I think he decided it was a definite upgrade to his usual surroundings and he seemed pretty unfazed.

Here comes the second big change to weekends away after baby: trying to maintain some semblance of a routine. As the festivities got into full swing we were putting a baby to bed, one that has recently decided he’s not going down without a fight. We couldn’t help but feel a tad left out when excited partygoers opened the fizz whilst we were in a darkened room with a crying baby.

Having family around was fantastic, and I count myself lucky that my little boy is surrounded by so much love. Life is busy, not everyone gets to visit as often as they’d like, so it was great that they got the opportunity this weekend to get dribbled and thrown-up on.

The third change: sleep. Holidays of old we could both get shit faced and sleep it off. Now despite getting shit faced we had to be up, although I noticed we tend to take it in turns to get really drunk, the more sober one will entertain Wills whilst the other  can wallow in self pity for a teensy bit.

The fourth change: Intimacy. You can’t really sneak off for a cheeky afternoon bonk when you have a baby to look after. Nothing kills intimacy like your baby waking in tears before you’ve *ahem* finished.

Hubs and I have spent most of today recovering from some over indulgence. Gone are the days when we could drift in and out of conciseness, our only worry the impending return to work. But as we sat, I cradled our little boy. He slept, face buried in my chest, cheeks rosy from teething, snoring like a warthog and I’m okay with the overstuffed car, the continuous lack of sleep and missing out of some of the adult fun. He is totally worth it.

In other news:

Captain, pleased at our return, has spent today alternating between me and hubs, at present I am the subject of his affection, I’m typing whist he claws my legs.

Wills has found his feet, he likes to grab them as often as he can.

Marms is completely indifferent to our presence in the house.



Author: thebumpchroniclesblog

Thirty year old first time mum, sharing parenthood experiences/fails.

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