A poorly baby and a night out.

Wills is a little poorly, this means enough vomit to fill a swimming pool has been spraying out of our tiny human with alarming regularity. Being the calm, level headed parent I am, I immediately decided it was meningitis, despite the fact he’s been vaccinated and so far had only displayed two symptoms, that incidentally are also symptoms of just being a little under the weather. After talking myself out of marching into A&E and demanding the top meningitis specialist doctor tend to my poorly baby, I popped a thermometer on his forehead and put him to bed. The next morning, yet more vomit necessitated a trip to the doctor.

The trouble with poorly babies is that you want to do a lot to help them, but there is actually very little you can do. We are now feeding little and often, this should prevent me drowning in baby vom.

In addition to tending my poorly offspring, I had to get ready for a night out. Gone are the long baths, meticulous hair removal, conditioning treatment, nails, lounging round in a bath robe and rollers starting on the wine early. Jumped in the shower, (bathroom door open in order to hear baby) shaved only the bits on show, jump out shower to get a scowling of a lifetime off Marms who was keeping a watchful eye on William (from a safe distance), blasted hair with dyer until resembled Hagrid, friend arrives sit down for cup of tea, realise that should be getting ready, shoe-horn self into ‘body-shaping’ (torturing) underwear, and dress, try desperately to sort out Hagrid hair, call restaurant to change table time to half an hour later, do quickest make-up job on planet, find smallest bag possible because excited you don’t need all the paraphernalia associated with transporting a baby about and get into car desperately trying not to ladder tights.

I didn’t stay out long, the bestie is pregnant and I know only too well how it’s really not fun watching other people drinking whilst you’re on water, but not too much water because getting out of bed to pee every five minutes  is both really annoying and physically exhausting!

I did manage a couple of cocktails so I went home happy.

Back to reality today, Wills has managed to get poo all over his onesie and bouncy chair.


In other news:

The Christmas tree should be going up this weekend!

Christmas shopping is completed, wrapping nearly completed, my wrapping skills are abysmal.

Captain has resumed his winter habit of getting as many footprints on as many bathroom surfaces as possible.


Author: thebumpchroniclesblog

Thirty year old first time mum, sharing parenthood experiences/fails.

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