Passive aggressive communication.

Wills is still poorly but thankfully well and truly on the mend.

Our first clue that he perhaps might not be as well as we thought was him waking at five past midnight and screaming. No gentle build up, no moaning, quiet whimpers and then crying. He went from silent to apocalyptic.  And the boy is loud. Attempts to soothe him were drowned out by his inconsolable balling and we were forced to bring out the big guns:


Hey Duggee is Wills favourite TV programme (incidentally the only one I let him watch because it’s super cute  and I enjoy it) Duggee worked his magic and a little after 1 am we plonked him back in his cot where he began happily chewing his teddies.

Hubs and I don’t generally argue. That is not to say this makes our relationship superior in any way to those who do, we get mad at each other, annoy each other at times, I mean we’re only human.

Babies bring massive amounts of stress, especially when they spend the evening crying. Sometimes when I feel stuck at home and Wills is being an almighty pain in the arse,  I seethe. I imagine hubs at work drinking hot drinks,  talking to adults enjoying his lunch, not having to change shitty nappies.  And I convince myself he has it easy. He still gets to be Kevin and I only get to be mum.

But what about his point of view? Nine times out of ten when he’s leaving for work I’m still asleep.  I get to spend all day with our son, I don’t have a commute on a busy motorway twice a day. I don’t have to get dressed if I don’t want to. I don’t have to worry about office politics or being nice to colleagues I don’t particularly like.

Competing for ‘who has it worse ‘ could lead to a very miserable existence.

So after being well and truly fed up of mum duties and being less then helpful at bedtime hubs uttered a passive aggressive remark, (which I heard as I’m quite sure that was his intent), I was quick with a passive aggressive retort which he either didn’t hear or purposely ignored. Although not very adult, the knackered, fragile part of me nearly staged a full blown tantrum telling him exactly why it’s not fair and he has no idea how shitty it is being ‘stuck’ at home and I’m still tired etc etc…

Today I got a ‘are you going to leave the broom outside all day?’

I held back a retort of ‘no, I’m about to stick it up your arse’ because I decided better to keep peace.

I think the recent increase our passive aggressive comments is simply we are so tired all the time, and the added worry of a poorly baby leaves tempers shorter.

I don’t think we need marriage counselling just yet….

In other news:

The Christmas decorations are still up despite some rather sterling efforts form Wills and Captain.

I brought some ‘winter spice’ scented bleach to festive up the loo. It smells just like regular bleach.

Have introduced Will to Eskimo kisses.


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Thirty year old first time mum, sharing parenthood experiences/fails.

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