Weaning Woes.

Wills is six months old (well, a week off) so it’s time to think about weaning.

Talk about a can of worms.

In my attempt to be a responsible parent, I’ve done a bit of research. It seems that ‘baby-lead’ is the current trend and apparently all other methods are likely to cause some sort of mass implosion.

As I read through the (quite frankly) bewildering amount of information available it seems that the general consensus is that if I cock this up Wills will be a picky eater/obese/destined for a life of crime. No pressure then.

What I have found beyond frustrating is the fact that everything I’ve read contradicts something else. The sources of information I’ve consulted are:



Weaning apps

Health visitors

NHS pamphlets

EVERY SODDING SOURCE SAYS SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Start with sweet things such as carrot or sweet potato. Don’t start with sweet things start with broccoli. Just give them whole food and they’ll get the hang of it. Mash food first. Puree. Don’t puree. Start on baby rice. Baby rice was invented by Satan.


We’ve tried Wills on a few things and he hasn’t seem too impressed with any of it. I made him porridge this morning and he did his best impression of a Victorian orphan eating his daily portion of gruel in the workhouse. I told him porridge was the food of his ancestors but that didn’t sway him. Maybe he’ll prefer it when he can have a good dollop of jam with it.

The MIL has advised I go with my instincts. I think she’s right, I’ve watched Dr. Ranj’s tutorial on ‘what to do if an infant is choking’, so with that in mind we’ll just go for it.

I’m pretty sure if the way I wean him doesn’t screw him up for life, I’ll find another way to do it.

In other news:

Wills decided sleep wasn’t for him last night, who needs a quiet, relaxing evening anyway?

Whilst writing this post Will threw up on me. Three times.

He is now desperately fighting sleep. This involves a lot of screaming. It’s nearly wine time right?



Author: thebumpchroniclesblog

Thirty year old first time mum, sharing parenthood experiences/fails.

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