Back to work blues.

Let’s be clear, I’m not going back to work just yet. However, hubs returned today. We’ve had him home for a whole week and now it’s back to normality. (If there is such a thing.)

William has noticed a change in the force so has been loudly voicing his disquiet before participating in a dirty protest this afternoon.

For Christmas hubs brought me a book about Hygge. It’s a Danish way of living happy and enjoying the many little things that happen daily, such as a hot drink or some classical music. It’s about enjoying the company of others and yourself.

My husbands motto is ‘happy wife happy life,’ I’m pleased to say he pretty much lives by this,  it occurred to me today that I should probably work on the happiness too. I’m sure he’s fed up of me being so sodding moody all the time.  So I have embraced the book. I have classical music playing, atmospheric lighting (it’s pretty dark)  a nice hot drink, scented candles (scented candles are not considered hygge because they are artificial, but with the smells our darling child has been omitting I’m pretty sure I’d be forgiven) and blankets strewn about. TV has been off for most of today.

I have to say it has been a bit of a struggle:

Enjoying a hot drink- after the Costa coffee incident Wills has developed a keen interest in all cups and mugs, the H&S repercussions of this are massive.

No TV – I enjoy having the telly box off, however this mornings scream-a-thon was quelled by Hey Duggee, lazy parenting yes but I can’t see what’s wrong in postponing the inevitable nervous breakdown.

Time to yourself- I shower  with Wills in the bathroom, occasionally I have to poke my head round the curtain to amuse him.

Pets – I love a good snug with the cats, Wills adores them too, it’s a shame  that his squeals of delight upon seeing then sends them fleeing from the room.

This afternoon our darling son did a stealth poo that rocketed out the back of his nappy. All over his new Sesame Street vest and dinosaur top. Once again I uttered a silent prayer to whichever GENIUS designed vests  so that they can be removed downwards as well as up. I’m pretty sure without this feature I’d forever be washing poo out of his hair. After wrestling the nappy bag containing the dirty nappy out of his vice like grip (this made him cry), whilst rinsing his soiled clothes in water so cold I’m pretty sure I was at risk of frostbite, I reflected on how much peace you can actually have with a baby.

In conclusion:

Not an awful lot.

But that’s okay, I think it takes a bit of chaos to appreciate the calm. Watching him pull the birds off his jumperoo, seeing the surprise on his face when he farted his morning and the smiles and giggles he doles out with reckless abandon  are worth it.

Hygge can be an after Wills has gone to bed thang.

In other news:

The cats appear to have called a truce (I imagine it’s temporary) they have even been sleeping on the same bed, separated by mere centimetres!

Christmas decorations are down sod twelfth night.

The relaxing classical music is starting to get on my nerves……



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Thirty year old first time mum, sharing parenthood experiences/fails.

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