Baby massage.


Wills and I have been on a waiting list for baby massage since he was very small. After turning six months old we finally got a place. We went to our first session on Monday.

Problem one was getting there for 10:00 am. Wills has been waking up at about ten to ten recently so preparation was the key. I managed to get up and showered, didn’t dry my hair, that’s a luxury at the moment. Wills woke at ten to nine, continued his new habit of eating as slowly as humanely possible and time was getting tight when I took him upstairs to get him dressed. Impressed with my choice of outfit for him it was time to leave, not before Wills threw-up all over himself. And me.

Changed baby.

Changed myself.

Tried to wrestle baby into rear facing car seat, in three door fiesta is neither easy or fun. One of the straps on the seat is twisted, which I know is a bad thing but I can’t for the life of me fathom how its twisted and how to untwist it.

Did I mention it was raining the whole time I was trying to get him into the car?

Soggy and now cutting it fine time wise we set off. I was the last one to arrive to the group.

There was tranquil music playing, the babies were on mats and the mummies on cushions. I don’t think I could have felt less relaxed, I was all hot and bothered, I placed Wills on the mat and began to fill in a form.

Wills has a new habit. He likes to let out high pitched squeals that hurt your ears a little bit. So naturally, he felt this new audience was the most appropriate venue to show off his new skill. He then decided he didn’t like being on his back and I had to distract him with a rattly dog I had in my bag. He began chomping on the toy whilst eyeballing the other babies and mummys. At least he was quiet.

Until ‘Sue’ started to explain what we were going to be doing – that seemed a good opportunity to show off his fog-horn skills. Trying to listen to instruction and keep his volume to a minimum was tricky. Also avoiding  temptation to giggle. Well the massage began with holding your baby to your chest and taking 3 deep breaths in order to calm baby. Wills was still exercising his lungs so I’m not completely sure how effective this was, but it helped me! Next stage, according to Sue, was to explain to the babies that we were going to massage them. Apparently it’s bad karma to skip this stage. I’m wondering if I should tell him when I’m about to change his nappy. But perhaps he gets that from me holding him at arms length exclaiming “Oh god he’s done a poo, Kev this smells like a two person job..”

I have to say the massage bit was quite good, Wills still spent most of the time staring at everyone else. I found myself, (as I rubbed his chunky little legs) thinking ‘I made this’ and feeling warm and fuzzy inside, morning chunder incident all but forgotten.

Nappies had to be removed for tummy massage, as soon as I’d removed it Wills decided to grab hold of his willy. He let go so he could wee on me. I should have put money on that happening.

Massage over, the babies decided it was feeding time and began wailing simultaneously. Being pampered is obviously hungry work. After a feed he fell asleep, cheeks rosy from teething, long eyelashes, his beautiful little mouth  I realised I look at him every day, but I don’t always look at him. My goodness did I feel such a strong, overwhelming love for him. It’s a powerful thing, a mother’s love, I’m still getting used to it. I wonder if Wills is still getting used to me? Anyway baby massage session one successfully completed, I am very much looking forward to session two!



Author: thebumpchroniclesblog

Thirty year old first time mum, sharing parenthood experiences/fails.

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