Ear plugs at the ready.

Wills is entering a new phase, it involves yelling. At the top of his lungs. For long periods of time.

I am the very definition of ‘frazzled’ at the minute, and when the little foghorn finally stops yelling, I still hear it. (Kept checking the monitor like a crazy woman during his nap!)

So the soundtrack to my day is loud. My hair is doing weird things, to the point my mum asked if I’d cut a fringe. I haven’t I just have lots of short bits of hair all around my hairline. They stick up and add to the crazy look I’ve been sporting for some time. I have tried everything to get them to stick down, so far everything has failed. I’ll just look for some sort of paper bag…

So the yelling continues, and is the soundtrack to my typing this. They say that decibel wise, babies are louder than road drills. I can definitely believe that. It is currently 23 minutes past five, hubs finishes work at five and I’m counting down the minutes until he gets home and amuses Wills.

The moment he gets through the door I’m bulk buying ear plugs.

…..and probably wine….

In other news:

Once again there is a cat in the cot, probably trying to escape the noise.

It looks like my thoughts on reading with Wills and babies in general will be printed in Mother and Baby magazine, this makes up for the weird hair and has made my year.

He. is. still. yelling.


Author: thebumpchroniclesblog

Thirty year old first time mum, sharing parenthood experiences/fails.

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