Poorly again!

So once again our little cherub is producing copious amounts of snot. Our first clue that he might be feeling a little under the weather was the 11 pm yell-a-thon. I took him downstairs and we watched Hey Duggee until about two o clock then I settled him to sleep with a bottle. Previous to this, he’d just eyeballed me, frowning. I think I should have been frowning, as I was a) not in bed, and, b) had been stood rocking him for over a sodding hour.

I crept up the stairs with my now sleeping baby and lowered him into is cot, he stirred but slept on. Then I faced a problem, I’d fed him and didn’t want him waking up in a puddle of wee (again); time for a stealthy nappy change.

It was about as stealthy as dropping a bag of spanners down the stairs.

He woke up, his volume has in no way been affected by his cold, I panicked, hubs was sleeping, hubs was up with him at 2am the previous night, hubs has work, hubs went to bed looking a little like a crazed serial killer, all bloodshot eyeballs and unruly hair, that man needs sleep! So I climbed into the cot with Wills.

Now, I’ve seen pictures of mums in cots on tinterweb (internet) it looks very idyllic, baby asleep, serene mummy curled protectively yet delicately round her baby, not quite my experience of it…

I think the cots in the pictures I’ve seen must be bigger than Will’s cot. I also think the mums must be smaller than me. After I’d wedged myself in, I watched Wills mobile. It’s quite relaxing, I can see why he likes it.

Wills has three teddies that live in his cot, a bunny holding a cloth, an elephant and a giraffe, at bedtime, he squeals with delight when they ‘kiss’ him and will often go to sleep clutching at least one of them. Last night it was the giraffe, I watched him pinch the ears and horns, shake it and repeat. I was smacked in the face several times, but despite the fact I was pressed up against the bars, freezing (Wills had all the blankets) and getting assaulted by a tiny soft toy, I was enjoying being so close to him. He started turning his head to the side, this is a sign that he’s going to sleep, the giraffe was being thrashed about with a lot less enthusiasm too. (Yay for my face!) The mobile light went out, I waited, the boy was definitely asleep!! Huzzarh!

Now to get out of the cot.

I think we’ve gathered ‘grace’ isn’t a trait of mine, clambering out of a cot, without waking a baby is hard. Never the less I managed it. And crawled into bed.

Until six am, when his nibs summoned me to his chambers with a wail. Thankfully bringing him into our bed did the trick. Although not too comfortable for mummy on account of daddy laying at a diagonal. Wills slept until nine, snoring softly, I think he likes being in our bed, I imagine if he’s feeling poorly he wants to be close to us.

He seems quite chirpy today, he’s currently yanking on the curtains, makes a change from my hair so I’m leaving him to it.

Here’s hoping bedtime will involve a lot less work tonight.

Happy Friday!

In other news:

Marms has returned, didn’t see the furry little sod at all yesterday!

I had a telephone interview yesterday, I think it went well, however it doesn’t matter how well it went, I can’t do the hours (a lot of part time jobs want you for a few hours everyday, we can’t get childcare to fit with that).

If you need me today, I’ll be drinking coffee…


Author: thebumpchroniclesblog

Thirty year old first time mum, sharing parenthood experiences/fails.

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